Explore Our Backyard

Glacier View, AK is full of Alaskan adventure just out our back door. Whether your looking for a steep hike with a glacier view at the end or a sunny day by the river, we can help you find it. Find information on different adventures below. 

If you are looking to do a longer hike and would like to carry bear spray, please call Mandy at 330-314-3633 to receive a canister. We also have gold panning kits for rent.


Lion's head Hike

Just down the road from us and about a 2 hour round trip hike. The trail goes straight up, but it's worth the view of the glacier at the top! 

Driving directions: Turn right onto the highway from our parking lot. Head down the highway a few minutes and park at the pullout at the cell towers on your right. Lion's head is the lonely mountain on the right, next to the highway before the highway has a big turn in it. If you cross a bridge with a river under it, you have gone too far, turn around and head back up to the top.

Finding the Trailhead: At the top of the hill on the highway, you’ll park on the right, by a telecommunications site. Walk up the dirt road and veer right. In a treeline of alders, you’ll see a rock cairn that indicates the trailhead. Start climbing!

Caribou creek trail/ Gold Panning

This trail is a typical Alaskan trail that eventually peters out into a game trail and then disappears, but you will still get plenty of hiking in before that happens. This is an out and back hike, so you can make it as long or short as you want. It's a great hike that starts in the trees and puts you above tree line with great views of the mountains in the Talkeetna range. Bring some binoculars for wildlife spotting! 

Directions to trailhead: Turn right onto the highway from our parking lot. Head down the highway a few minutes and you will start to make a big turn in the highway going downhill, at the bottom of this hill will be a big bridge. Turn left after the bridge to a parking area. The trail head is in the forested area on your right when you first pull into this pull out from the highway, the river will be to your left. It's a well established trail so you will know when you have found it. The first part will have some switch backs.

Gold panning: This creek is known for a small amount of gold flakes here and there. Park your car in the parking area and head to the water. If it's too busy with rafters, you can walk across the highway, over the bridge and onto the other side of the river to find more beach area. It is not advised to swim in the water as it is swift and very cold! Learn the technique of how to gold pan Here.



Sheep Mountain trails

Sheep Mountain Lodge has great trails behind their property. Once used for miners, the lodge staff now take care of it. Most of the time they will have maps inside the lodge or an employee can point you in the right direction. The best part is when you are done with your hike you can enjoy a snack and cold beverage at the lodge!

Directions: Sheep Mountain Lodge is located about 10 minutes from us. Turn right onto the highway from our parking lot and drive for about ten minutes. Sheep Mountain Lodge will be on your left. Mile post 113.5