Welcome to Alpenglow

Thank you so much for spending some of your Alaska vacation at Alpenglow Luxury Camping. Please make yourself at home here and enjoy the property and area as much as we do. Use this welcome page as a resource to find other activities in the area and information and rules of the property. 

In the event of an emergency, please call Mandy at 330-314-3633


Hours of Operation:

  • Check in 3pm, please go to the Blue Yurt at the MICA parking lot to check in
  • Check out 10am, nothing needs to be done for check out
  • Hot tub hours 7pm-10pm every evening
  • Breakfast - 7:30am-10am 



  • No smoking in or around buildings- Smoking is only permitted at the parking lot
  • No food or smell goods in the tents. Food and smell goods (toothpaste, lotions, etc.) must be stored in cars or an area approved by a staff member. There are bears around and we don't want to start having bear problems at our property. Drinks are allowed at the tent.
  • Cooking food on the property is prohibited. Making a lunch or eating snacks at our dining area is fine. We are a commercial kitchen and for health codes, we cannot have guests use the kitchen.
  • Please take shoes off before entering the tent
  • Use firewood provided at the fire pit. Do not collect wood from the forest. We live 45 min. from the closest volunteer fire station, please be careful when using the fire pit and spread the fire out when done for the evening.
  • Please wash off and tie long hair up before entering the hot tub


Helpful Information:

  • The nearest town is Palmer. Palmer is located just north of Anchorage and if you are driving from Anchorage to get to us, you will go through Palmer. This is the last stop for groceries and alcohol before getting to Alpenglow. We encourage guests to bring snacks and food for lunches since most excursions start before restaurants are open to buy to-go lunches. We also encourage guests to bring their own alcohol since you can't purchase beer to-go anywhere around.
  • Showers: We have the cedar hot tub open every night and have guests take a nice hot bucket rinse with the soap and sponges we provide before entering the tub. If you are wanting to take a full shower and wash your hair, you will be able to find pay showers at Grandview RV Park located about ten minutes away.
  • Laundry: Grandview RV Park also has coin operated laundry. They only have a few machines and during the busy times of the summer you might have to wait a little while to have your turn. Some people will have a meal at Grandview's cafe and take showers and do laundry at the same time. 
  • Wildlife: You're in Alaska and anywhere you go, even Anchorage, will have wildlife. Be aware of your surroundings, respect the wildlife and do not leave food or smell goods where animals can get into it. Some helpful information on what to do if you encounter wildlife:
  1. Bears- NEVER run from a bear. Learn more about bear safety here on NPS website.
  2. Moose- They are very large animals with small brains. More people are injured from moose than bears. They can kick forward as well. Never approach a moose, if the moose is minding it's own business then snap a few pictures and walk away. If a moose charges you, run behind something like a tree or building and the moose will likely forget what it was doing and go away. If need be you can always climb a tree if it's persistent. 

Local Information



There are a few places to choose from in Glacier View, AK. Click the button below on a list of dining recommendations. Be aware that most places close early here, so it is advised to call ahead and see what hours they are serving so you don't miss out on dinner! 



Looking for some adventure? Then Glacier View, AK is the place! Find tours for ATV, zipline, glacier activities, and more. Just click on the button below for a list of tour operators. ** NEW ** Now offering chair massages at your tent. Please click below to find information on booking this option.


explore our backyard

The never ending options of adventure is why we live here, well that and the great views! Click the link below if you are looking to get away for a few hours and explore some of our trails or rivers.